Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Most effective way to search for a job

When searching for a job, it’s worth remembering the adage “work smart, not hard”. You could spend hours upon hours trawling through job ads every day, clicking on a search button an endless number of times. Or you could follow our advice so that relevant job opportunities come to you.


There are two reasons why your CV and profile should be up to date. First, you want to have your CV ready when you find a job you want to apply to. Second, recruiters search for candidates in the same way jobseekers search for jobs. How will they find you if you haven’t uploaded a CV and completed a candidate profile?

It's important to perfect your CV; if you need help, see our guide on how to write a CV. When you’re done, its time to upload it for recruiters to find. Sign into your CareerStructure account (or create one if you haven’t already) and upload it to your jobseeker profile. You profile is an online version of your CV but it’s easier for recruiters to search than a traditional CV. Moreover, your profile lets you specify information you won’t have included in your CV, like desired work location and salary. Both your candidate profile and CV are very important.

Email alerts

Next, to avoid spending time scrolling through job postings, set up an email alert to automate the process. Specify the job role, location, salary, job type and key search terms, and a daily email will go out to you with jobs that match your criteria. Get up in the morning, have a cup of tea and start applying to a list of jobs you know are relevant and fresh.

Professional organisations

Whether it’s for networking, research or training, most professional organisations offer good value to members. You are able to connect with other professionals in your field, hear about new trends and show potential employers you are serious about career development. Organisations such as the Association for Project Management, the British Institute of Facilities Management and the Institute of Commercial Management even give out sector awards that would help you stand out to a recruiter.

The more efficient your job search, the more time you’ll have to focus on quality applications.

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