Monday, January 9, 2012

Quantity surveying

Arup provides cost management and quantity surveying (QS) services on a vast range of construction projects, including buildings, civil engineering, industrial, infrastructure and major highways projects.

The firm's QS specialists are an integral part of the design and project management team on projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.

What sets Arup apart is that its cost managers and quantity surveyors are fully integrated into the engineering environment to provide an effective means of achieving the client's objectives. They contribute to projects with in-depth knowledge of built environment design and the concerns of designers and clients. They share the firm's commitment to sustainable development, project performance and life-cycle analysis.

Design decisions and cost control
The capital cost of a construction project is largely determined by decisions made by the client with their design team. The best outcomes are possible when each decision on the scope or quality of the project is made in the full knowledge of its impact on cost and the value that it provides to the client’s business.
Arup's teams know that effective cost management comes from total integration into the design process. As full members of the project team, they use proven procedures and systems designed to give full access to current information on the budget and forecast cost to completion, thereby helping to shape the evolving design to match the client’s aspirations.

Cost control and value management
Cost planning and value management include the evaluation of alternative design against the client’s value criteria for function, quality and durability. The evaluation techniques enable the design team to optimise the design to fit within the client's budget.

Cost control is achieved through formal change control procedures and regular cost reporting. This is designed to give up to-date cost information to the client and the designers and to provide a full audit trail of changes against an approved budget.

Procurement, tendering and contract administration
Arup's project and cost management team includes experienced quantity surveyors based around the world. Their services range from project conception to design development and include advice on procurement and tendering methodologies, management of the procurement process from tenderer selection through tender evaluation to contract award, and post-contract administration, leading to the agreement of the final account, including the resolution of potential contractual disputes.

Knowledge sharing through the firm's internal networks allows resources and experience to be drawn from many locations around the firm to support and supplement core teams.

QS and Value Engineering

Our surveyors – qualified as both chartered quantity surveyors and as cost engineers – are equally experienced in building and civil engineering contracts and the separate methods of measurement and technology attached to each.

Our client list includes a wide range of companies and authorities from both the private and public sectors, for whom we have undertaken work varying greatly in scale and type, for example:

Building and civil engineering developments
Industrial and warehouse schemes
Microelectronic, pharmaceutical and chemical facilities
Education buildings
Airports and hotels
Office developments and fitouts

Our core services – which we can provide either as part of a multi-disciplinary in-house team or as an independent service - include:

Feasibility cost estimates
Detailed cost plans and estimates
Comparative costings
Bills of Quantities
Tender advice and management
Tender evaluation and reports
Post contract cost control
Value engineering

When it comes to value engineering, we seek to help our clients achieve specified functions at minimum cost without detriment to quality, reliability, delivery and performance. Our services are geared towards:

Determining the best project value for money – least whole life cycle cost

Eliminating/modifying non-essential project items

Maximising the project’s functional value – layout, material types, buildability – without sacrificing quality, reliability and performance.

Hotel 30 tingkat siap 15 hari

Bangunan Hotel Ark setinggi 30 tingkat yang mencipta rekod berjaya disiapkan dalam masa 15 hari. - AGENSI

BEIJING 9 Jan. - Sebuah syarikat pembinaan China, sekali lagi mencatat rekod dunia apabila berjaya menyiapkan pembinaan bangunan hotel setinggi 30 tingkat hanya dalam tempoh 15 hari atau 360 jam.

Hotel Ark, seluas 17,000 meter persegi yang dibina oleh Broad Group, syarikat pakar seni bina, siap dalam 15 hari selepas sebelum ini mencipta rekod membina bangunan hotel setinggi 15 tingkat juga dalam tempoh 15 hari.

Apa yang lebih menarik, bangunan itu berjaya disiapkan tanpa sebarang kecederaan di kalangan pekerja dan ia mampu bertahan dalam gempa bumi sekuat 9 pada skala Richter.

Semua bahan yang digunakan adalah daripada jenis pasang siap di mana bahan-bahan binaan terlebih dahulu diproses di kilang dan pekerja hanya perlu menyambungkan komponen-komponen tersebut untuk menjadikannya satu bangunan.

Untuk menyiapkan struktur komponen utama, ia hanya mengambil masa 46 jam dan tempoh 90 jam lagi digunakan untuk menyiapkan bahagian luaran.

Struktur bangunan itu juga kalis bunyi dan mampu menebat arus udara panas, selain mempunyai pemantau kualiti udara di setiap bilik hotel. - AGENSI