Monday, November 2, 2009

Quantity Surveyor

A Quantity Surveyor is a building industry professional who specialises in estimating the value of construction works. In America the quantity surveyor is known as a “Cost Engineer”.

The term 'Quantity Surveyor' derives from the role taken in quantifying the various items of labour, material and plant that it takes to construct a given project. 

Quantity surveyors use their skills to determine the cost of building work ranging from residential properties through to assessing the construction value of new multi-million euro office towers. Additionally they are used on civil, mining and infrastructure projects to determine the cost of such facilities.

Quantity Surveyors are involved at various stages of the construction process, typically prior to construction, during construction and following completion of the works.

The Role of the Quantity Surveyor
Quantity surveyors work with accountants, architects, engineers, builders, building owners, developers, financiers, government authorities, insurance underwriters, solicitors and subcontractors.

The quantity surveyor’s detailed knowledge of construction costs allows them to perform the following tasks:

Prior to Construction
Determination of Client requirements.
Preparation of Feasibility Studies. 
Estimating to define project budgets.
Analysis of the effect of design changes on the project budget.
Cost planning to refine the budget as the design documents develop. 
Preparation of Bills of Quantities to assist in the tender process. 
Reviews and recommendation of Builder’s tender submissions.

During Construction
Provision of cost control services during construction. 
Assessment of the builder’s progress claims. 
Assessment of variation and delay claims. 

Post Construction
Determination of the final project cost and agreement of Final Account.
Expert Witness reports to assist in the settlement of building disputes.

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