Monday, December 27, 2010

Seminar Series by SUAZ Consultancy & Solutions

Seminar Series by SUAZ Consultancy & Solutions

SUAZ Consultancy & Solutions is offerng series of Public Seminar and In-House Training Programmes as well. The details of these seminars will be updated soon.

Their In-House Training Programmes are available now as follows;

Getting Your Contracts Right..!-This training programme is aimed to increased competency in the skill of contract document preparation.

Delay Analysis Techniques-Demonstrate Your Entitlement Systematically..-This training is specifically developed to educate Contractors on how to prove their entitlement to extension of time and also provide knowledge for Contract Administrators on how best to evaluate extension of time entitlement.

Claims for Additional Money-The Review, Preparation and Evaluation- This training is aimed to supplement knowledge on contractual claims such as loss and expense and how best to demonstrate and evaluate entitlement.

What Contract Administrator Need To Know About Project Programme and Critical Path Network Programme - This training programme is developed specifically for Contract Administrators, S.O's, E.R's, Architects and whoever holds the position of administering the contracts. It provides insights of what project programme should be and how it can be effective used to administer contractual claims for additional time and money.

Contract Administration Audit- Attempt to identify issues and where things go wrong and how to rectify it.

Tailor Made Your Training Contents
- This is a training programme where you take the lead in deciding the content.

Call SUAZ Consultancy & Solutions Now to know more about the Training Programmes that it is offering.

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