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Why you need a Quantity Surveyor?

To broadly describe the work of a Quantity Surveyor, our end purpose is to minimise cost and maximise value on a given project. Either increasing value for money to a developer or end user client, or increasing profit margins for the main contractor or subcontractor, whilst still achieving the required standards specified under the agreement, within contract programme.

A good Quantity Surveyor can cover their own cost several times over on an annual basis, their influence is often the difference between a commercially succesful project, and one which is not. The natural ability of a Quantity Surveyor can vary emmensely, and should not be measured by qualifications alone when selecting for specifc tasks. Shy retiring individuals may not yield best results when faced with negotiating with a bullish self confident opponant, however such individuals may posess a first class honours degree and may also be experts in measurement or estimating.

An experienced Quantity Surveyor will acomplish their objectives in a variety of ways, largely guided by their experience, however more tangible factors also play a part such as a carefully selected procurement strategy, use of terms and conditions of contract and negotiation skills.

The four corner stones of a Quantity Surveyors skill set are often listed as follows:-
1) Estimating
2) Measurement
3) Valuation
4) Negotiation

Schedule of QUANTITY SURVEYOR Services (PQS)

PCS Solutions Ltd provides individuals or small - medium sized Construction companies with a Quantity Surveyor for one off works, or short - mid term contracts, based at client offices or working from the Quantity Surveyors home, on a full or part time basis. Our Quantity Surveyor services are primarily geared towards the following clients:-

- Small to Medium Size Contractors (MC & All trades of Sub-contractor)
- Private Clients seeking the services of a Quantity Surveyor

and to the following sectors:-
- Residential Development
- House Building
- Civil
- Commercial Construction
- Utilities
- Rail

We consider ourselves unique in that our Quantity Surveyors offer discounted rates for remote Quantity Surveyor services, with savings achieved through reduced overhead and travel costs whilst our Quantity Surveyors operate remotely.

For an informal chat on how we might provide a Quantity Surveyor for your project, please call our Commercial Manager Paul on 07800 583109 or e-mail

“Over 85% of our turnover is repeat business”

Inception and feasibility

Develop initial budget estimate from feasibility proposals and identify target cost plan parameters.
Prepare overall project cost calculation and cash flow projections.
Pre-contract cost control

Prepare and develop preliminary cost plan.
Advise on cost of design team’s proposals as design develops.
Monitor cost implications during detailed design stage.
Maintain and develop cost plan, and prepare periodic reports and updated cash flow forecasts.
Value Engineer cost during design development to ensure all cost targets are maintained.
Advise Client of all Client Instructions that may alter the agreed Cost Plan.
Attend as required Design Team Meetings.
Tender and contractual documentation

Advise on tendering and contractual arrangements taking into account the Client’s priorities and information available from designers.
Prepare tender and contract documentation in conjunction with the Client and members of the design team.
Provide copies of documentation as agreed.
Advise on use and/or amendment of standard forms of contract or contribute to drafting of particular requirements in association with the Client’s legal advisers.
Prepare programme for separate demolition ontract.
Tender selection and appraisal

Advise on short-listing prospective tenderers.
Attend interviews and tenderers.
Fully evaluate negotiated submissions for accuracy, level of pricing, pricing policy etc.
Advise on errors and qualifications and, if necessary, negotiate thereon.
Prepare appropriate documentation, if required, to adjust the tender received to an acceptable contract sum.
Review financial budget in view of tenders received and prepare revised cash flow.
Prepare report on tenders with appropriate recommendations and issue Value for Money report.
Advise on letters of intent and issue in conjunction with Client’s advisers.
Interim valuations

Prepare recommendations for interim payments to contractors, subcontractors and suppliers in accordance with contract requirements.
Post-contract cost control

Value designers instructions before issue.
Prepare cost report updates in agreed format at specified intervals including any allocations of cost and/or copies as requested by third parties.
Final account

Prepare the final account.
Attendance at meetings

Attend meetings as provided for under this Agreement.
Provision of printing/reproduction/copying of documents and the like

Provide copies of documentation as provided for under this Agreement.

Quantity Surveyor from Perth, Scotland - A highly dependable and honest person who is capable of adapting to any work environment. A friendly and extremely hard working person with the ability to function well as part of a team or unsupervised. Knowledgeable and experienced computer operator who is practiced on Microsoft computer packages and is eager to build on and fully utilise existing skills.

Quantity Surveyor from Bolton - Freelance QS since quitting permanent employment in 2002; specialising in the production of Bills of Quantities, Schedules of Works and Builders Quants for Main Contractors, Sub-contractors and PQS firms using the method of measurement to suit individual client's need - SMM7, POMI, CESMM, MMHW.

Quantity Surveyor from London - I have experience of over 25 years working for both employers and contractors and therefore have insight of both sides, which enables me to maximise the benefit for both. I am an excellent negotiator and can work on my own or in teams in delivering large complex projects. I have a vast range of experience in various types of sectors and have used all the major forms of contracts from inception to completion, which has made me an excellent all round QS.

Quantity Surveyor from Sheffield - I am a Senior QS with 30 yrs experience, 20 yrs freelance, and have worked in the fields of building, civils, road, and rail. I have worked for Clients, Consultants and Contractors, and am available for any UK or overseas position. I would welcome the opportunity to become involved with Petrochemical works, either UK or overseas, which I would consider to be a valuable enhancement to my CV experience.

Quantity Surveyor from Bellshill, Scotland - I am driven and self-motivated with good organisational skills. I enjoy being part of a team and promote honesty and good working professional practice at every opportunity – I believe in promoting the attitude that everyone in the team takes ownership of problems, working together with a view to reaching an efficient solution. I am committed and thrive on and enjoy challenging tasks, and I adopt enthusiasm within everything I am charged with. With my Main Contracting, Civil Engineering experience, together with my management experience, I believe I have the necessary skills to be able to offer the type of positive contribution. I am eager to continue to develop personally, and believe no matter what I am challenged with, I can adapt, perform and achieve the desired results required in any given task.

Quantity Surveyor from Kent - An experienced Managing Quantity Surveyor with a range of knowledge gained from working in the construction industry in excess of twenty years. Flexible, passionate, ambitious, self-motivated, people orientated, and technically minded.

Quantity Surveyor from Suffolk - Acquired and obtained considerable knowledge and experience in Quantity Surveying through formal education and involvement in a wide range of projects. Additional knowledge in Project Management complements Quantity Surveying skills and abilities. Computer literate with proficiency in excel spreadsheets. Commercially astute.

Quantity Surveyor from Essex - I enjoy undertaking pre and post-contract cost-management and have had vast experience on an array of prestigious projects. From pre-tender to final-account and completion, cost planning, value engineering, option analysis, procurement advice and contractor selection my desire and ambition allowed me to enjoy a Senior Managing QS role.
Quantity Surveyor from Blackburn - 12 years experience on a broad variety of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure contracts. Involved with quantity surveying, estimating and procurement; from initial stages through to final accounts.

Quantity Surveyor from Sutton - Fully qualified and widely experienced with a commercial attitude. Self motivated, well organised and able to work without supervision.

Quantity Surveyor from Bolton - I have been working as a quantity surveyor for 25 years and during this time have undertaken most QS duties, I have extensive experience. In September 2004, I became self employed working from home in Bolton and have undertaken work for a number of different Consultancy’s, Contractors and Local Authority’s, supplementing permanent staff on larger projects or undertaking work on an individual basis such as bills of quantities, builders quantities, feasibility cost plans etc.

Quantity Surveyor from Cheshire - Freelance Quantity Surveyor with clients who are Main Contractors and Sub Contractors.

Quantity Surveyor from Cumbria - Freelance Chartered Quantity Surveyor since May 2006 and specialising in the preparation of Take-Offs, Bills of Quantities and Work Schedules, for traditional, design and build and drawings and specification tenders. I also have experience in the preparation of budget costs/estimates, valuations and the preparation and agreement of final accounts.

Quantity Surveyor from Northern Ireland - Before embarking upon my quantity surveying career I had worked on a number of civil engineering projects in Northern and Southern Ireland. Such experience and practical knowledge gives me the technical knowledge that I can apply to any elements of quantity surveying, whether tendering or submitting a compensation event.

Quantity Surveyor from Northern Ireland - 11 years experience working as a Quantity Surveyor on large scale building, civil engineering, Housing and refurbishment contracts. Previous experience includes; procurement of new work through tendering for both traditional and design and build projects; commercial management of construction projects, including money recovery, cost control, financial reporting and contract administration; procuring subcontractors and suppliers including negotiating conditions of contracts, rates and payment terms; compilation and preparation of bill of quantities and liaising with existing and prospective clients within the industry to seek out new avenues of work.

Quantity Surveyor from Birmingham - having been a Chartered Surveyor for 23 years I wish to utilise my considerable experience and contribute to the successful delivery of major rail infrastructure projects.

Having worked as a rail consultant for the past eight years I am seeking a full time position in which my management skills, pro-active approach, expertise and teamwork capabilities will be instigated to optimum effect.

Quantity Surveyor from Newcastle upon Tyne - Working as a freelance Cost Consultant covering all aspectsof cost management from procurement through to final account.

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