Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This plan is usually sought by contractors, in relation to the requirement un der a contract which normally specifies the need to have adequate cover or protection for building under construction.

If your project relates to structural and infrastructural works e.g. dams, roadwork etc. and use basic or relatively simple building material such as sand, gravel, cement, wood, steel etc. then this product is for you.

Perils covered :
Natural - Fire, Lightning, Water damage, Float, Storm and Tempest subsidence, Landslide, Cyclone, Hurricane, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption.
Social - Burglary or Theft and Malicious Damage.
Chemical - Explosion, Spontaneous Combustion, Heating, Fermentation.
Miscellaneous - Impact and Aircraft Damage.
Others - Accidental Damage.

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