Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thumbs up for tender system

KUALA LUMPUR: Contractors have welcomed the move by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to award government procurement contracts through open or restricted tenders.
Najib announced on Monday that he wanted to cut down on direct negotiations for such contracts and instead, adopt the tender system in efforts to curb corruption and restore public confidence in the government.
"This is a good sign for the market," said Master Builders Association of Malaysia president Ng Kee Leen.
"We certainly welcome such a positive change."
Ng said open tenders were the norm before, but the practice was changed to direct negotiations, much to the chagrin of the association's 3,000 members.
The Malaysian Indian Contractors Association hoped the new system would get its members out of the doldrums.
"We have long suffered as we had been overlooked when contracts appeared to be awarded unfairly.…(NST, 21/4/09).

Comment: Experience taught us to avoid direct negotiations as a way to curb corruption in the nation. The QSs in JKR knew this long ago, but could not do anything then when the political figure prefers direct negotiations. Now, they have the way to voice out improper practices – i.e. internet. Let the world knows.

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hello im qs students from utm
where can get SMM2 in malay version?
does it exist?